Chelsie Morrison

Rookie (April 8 / Ohio)

Biography of Chelsie Morrison

My name is Chelsie and im almost 14 i am in Jr. High school. I'm not afraid to be myself. Me my friends Amy, Cheyene are always happy and hyper and clumbsy all the time. We dnt care wat other ppl think of us because we will act the way we want because thats just how we are and thats the way we roll -lol- We may act crazy sometimes but its okay thats just us i promise were normal and sane! We jus act crazy. Updates

♥ The One♥

This time i wonder what it would be like to find the one, like the one i've always dreamed of, but would he be the right one, the one i've always dreamed of, the one i'll spend forever with, cuz im tired of being alone, cuz nobody wants to be the last one single for long, And everybody always pretends like nothings wrong.

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