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I will once more state my absolute and TOTAL disgust at the way so-called poets like Goldy and Oisin have chosen to use other people's tragedies and misfortunes, to score points in a pointless exercise. When name-calling is performed in a witty fashion, it's almost acceptable if all parties concerned agree to treating it as mischievous banter. The language and topics used by Goldy and Oisin, are not acceptable. Goldy has been spiralling down a cess-pit of her own making recently. I can't believe that so few have brought up her use of the term 'Black Biatch' as if it was an everyday description. Oisin's repeated digs at Tai's tragic loss of her husband, is NOT the tactics of a person I would mix with. If as we suspect, he is really not Oisin, that would actually make MORE sense, as I can't see someone so young becoming so embittered without a seriously deprived childhood? Sitting behind all these arguments is our very own Sherrie, who has once again cleared all her comments off to try to cover the tracks. If you are not ashamed by what you've said, and if you do indeed have the so-called eveidence that I used the word that GOLDY and OISIN used...put up or shut up. You are an annoying little tick on the back of every decent poet here. None of us can reach and remove our own, but together we can surely guarantee your reluctance to keep stirring. Don't get me wrong, though. I am not angry. As I said before, I am disgusted. Updates

Sherrie Told A Porky.

I’ll say this v e r y s l o w l y
very simply and succinct.
The lowest of the lowly
cannot keep us all hoodwinked.
So if you seek twelve angry men
I hope that’s what you find.
But if you think I’m one? Again
You’ve lost your tiny mind.
For anger breaks the focus of the fool sat by the fire

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