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1. Where You Are Is Where I Want To Be 11/10/2009
2. What Do You Do? 11/24/2009
3. Need You Now 1/11/2010
4. Remember 1/11/2010
5. Clinging To A Hope 1/15/2010
6. Your Love Was A Lie 12/9/2009
7. Loss For Words 12/10/2009
8. You & Me 5/25/2010
9. Take Me Away 5/25/2010
10. I Have To 6/28/2010
11. Lloro Por Ti (Cry For You) 6/29/2010
12. Maybe 6/29/2010
13. Never Apart 6/29/2010
14. All A Dream 6/29/2010
15. To Give My Heart 6/29/2010
16. There Are Days 6/29/2010
17. Your Love 6/30/2010
18. Far Away 6/30/2010
19. If My Love For You Was A Book 6/29/2010
20. Seperation 5/25/2010
21. Two Line Poem 5/25/2010
22. I Said I Was Done 12/10/2009
23. When I Was With You 11/20/2009
24. Without You 11/30/2009
25. Forever 11/10/2009

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Best Poem of Cheri Michelle


Forget all these material things

they mean nothing to me

no nothing at all

because without your love

I know I would be nowhere

Nowhere at all.

I could not do anything

I wouldn't even be able to breathe

Without your love

and you being here for me.

You standing by my side

and showing me how much you care

means more to me than you will ever know.

You have repaired

my broken heart

and I promise you this

If you will stand by me

I will stay by you

and I will love ...

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Your Love Was A Lie

Your love was a lie
Your kiss was never felt.

You said you'd never leave me,
but that was a lie.

Now you say you're sorry,
but I know better this time,
Than to put myself what I've gone through

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