Cherie Griffith

Rookie (11/1/50 / Queens Village, New York, USA)

Biography of Cherie Griffith

Hi! My name is Cherie Griffith and I’ve been enjoying the lovely clean air and water of the Northland for over 9 years. I had hoped to run an “Ecotel” but plans changed.

I worked part time as a substitute teacher in Elmira, NY for 7 years and in Horseheads, NY for 6 years. I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. My studies included a semester abroad in Florence, Italy as well as other travels. I have studied yoga and macrobiotic philosophy and cooking for over 30 years. I have given cooking classes in West Hollywood, Elmira, NY and Belleville, NJ. I have lectured in Elmira, Corning, Belleville, and at the Center for Macrobiotic Studies in Manhattan. My photograph of Dr. Anthony Sattilaro was featured in a health magazine and a photo of a group of doctors and macrobiotic practitioners was featured in Kushi Institute Brochures.

I have 3 children and one grandchild and spent a good deal of my time singing songs, rhyming words and telling them stories. I’ve started doing that for my own enjoyment with occasional performances at ABC café in Ithaca, NY, at a poetry slam at the Haunt in Ithaca, Black Cat and Northland College in Ashland, Hurley Coffee Company, Beaner’s Central in Duluth, Earth Day at Stage North in Washburn, and at the Porcupine Mountain Folk Music Festival. I’ve had some poetry published in the Duluth Reader and some displays at the Hurley Coffee Company.

I am trying to help people become aware of the benefits of whole foods, organic fresh vegetables (especially carrot juice) , the use of seaweed, whole grains (brown rice) , dried beans (mung) , and olive oil. I also support plant based soaps for cleaning and personal grooming and suffer terrible reactions form chemical solvents.

I also believe in acupuncture and Chinese tonic herbs, as well as several other traditional herbal systems, and the marvels of concentrated food-based anti-oxidants such as alpha-lipoic acid, CO-Q10, and trace minerals (as in cell food) . This is the medicine of the future and so I talk about it, write about it, sing about it, and I’m still trying to find a way to dance and swim about it – but that is what I do sometimes.

As for what I do the rest of the time, listen to my stories and you decide how much is truth and how much fantasy. Updates

Grain World

Every meal
That I greedily ate
Came with a price tag
On every plate.
The starving in India
What would they do?
If a grain of rice
Were left unchewed?
And for your waste

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