Cherie Griffith

Rookie (11/1/50 / Queens Village, New York, USA)

Cherie Griffith Poems

1. Bring Back The Eagle 6/18/2009
2. A Million Mothers Like Me 6/18/2009
3. Involuntary Intoxicants 6/18/2009
4. Grain World 6/18/2009
5. Saxon Harbor Mermaid 6/18/2009
6. Love Alone 6/18/2009
7. Hang Me 6/18/2009
8. Spakespeare Live In Ojai 6/18/2009
9. Wherever I Walk 6/18/2009
10. Nukes And Beyond 6/18/2009
11. Talk To Me Of Majesty 6/18/2009
12. Inadvertent Huffers 6/18/2009
13. Keep The F.D.A. Away From My Liver 6/18/2009
14. Iron Horse Saloon 6/18/2009
15. Senator Paul Wellstone 6/18/2009
16. Don'T Shield Me From The Truth 8/4/2009
17. Vaccinations - Mighty Killers 8/27/2009
18. Pinesol In The Hall 8/27/2009
19. Ode To Miners & Workers 6/18/2009
20. Ain'T I A Woman Like Sojourner Truth 6/18/2009
21. I'Ve Got A Little Problem 6/18/2009
22. Let Them Eat Cake 6/18/2009

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Best Poem of Cherie Griffith

Let Them Eat Cake

We teach `em
To be helpful
We hope they
Will be kind

Then we whack `em
Out with solvents
Until they
Lose their minds

Then we drug `em
With Big Pharma
Let's just get `em
All on speed

Add a cup
Of sugar
I know that's
What they need

Then we teach `em
Math and science
How to read
And how to write

Then we find
Another drug
To help `em
Sleep at night

And we wonder
At their madness
It seems they
Cannot think

Or diet
Have another
Poison drink

I've been ...

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Bring Back The Eagle

I'm glad you seek change
In how our world goes
Don't add vaccinations
To our budget woes!
I'd like to go on
I hope you're not bored,
Don't repeat the fiasco
Of President Ford!
He said vaccinations

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