Cherie Mort

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Cherie Mort Poems

1. Dust Bunnies- A Tale Of Heartbreak 12/5/2015
2. Quicksand Living 12/13/2015
3. Hidden Girl 12/19/2015
4. Morning 12/19/2015
5. Summer In The Dawn 12/27/2015
6. In The Dark 12/27/2015
7. Christmas Without You 12/30/2015
8. The People I Know 1/6/2016
9. Smoking Lead 1/7/2016
10. Soul Tears 1/7/2016
11. It Runs In The Blood 1/14/2016
12. Blue Eyes In The Rain 1/14/2016
13. To J- 1/22/2016
14. Starved Of Words 2/10/2016
15. Mr. Moncher 2/11/2016
16. Dionysus 3/2/2016
17. Lemons 10/20/2015
18. Tangerines 10/24/2015
19. Geisha 11/10/2015
20. Surprises 11/14/2015
21. Pomegranate 11/15/2015
22. I'd Wait Forever For You 11/23/2015
23. Dido Weeping 11/23/2015
24. Dawn Arises 11/29/2015
25. Incarnadine 11/29/2015
26. The Moon And Sun 3/17/2016
27. I'm Sorry If I Spooked You, I Only Meant To Write A Poem About You 3/23/2016
28. Lethal Orange 3/30/2016
29. Ismene 4/8/2016
30. Highschool 4/8/2016
31. Coconut Lemon Cake 5/26/2016
32. Berukoka (Apricots) 6/2/2016
33. Weaver's Woe 6/10/2016
34. You And Me 6/10/2016
35. Ink 6/13/2016
36. So Short 6/20/2016
37. Blade 6/20/2016
38. Just Like Me 6/20/2016
39. Eyes Of Ice, Eyes Of Fire 7/24/2016
40. Enflamed 7/24/2016

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Best Poem of Cherie Mort

Butterfly Kisses

I flutter my eyelashes softly against his cheek
Laughing, he pulls back and asks, 'What is that? '
'Butterfly kisses, ' I respond, smiling coyly
He laughs again and tilts his head up towards the sunlight,
Drinking in the light and beauty of everything around us
I sigh and rest my head on his chest, my arms entwined around him
I could stay like this forever
Months later, who knew that we'd end up fighting
Breaking glasses, breaking plates, breaking hearts
I know that we will probably move on soon
But we can never really ...

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I like to smell the sweet scent of lemon juice as I slice thin circles of citrus onto my cutting board, the rind making a soft sssh
sound as my knife separates its layers.

I pick up a round slice of lemon and pop it in my mouth. The taste is so sour that my mouth puckers, making the rest of my face contort as it follows suit. For a moment my face is frozen in a sour expression, slowly decompressing from its painful prison.

The tangy taste of lemon zest still numbs my mouth as I squeeze mo

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