Cheryl Beresford

Biography of Cheryl Beresford

hello my name is cheryl
i am studying a childcare course in college
in my spare time i write poems and do other activities
i have been writing poems for the past 3 years i have wrote about 23 poems in total

Cheryl Beresford's Works:

i have not got any books published but that may be a oppotunity to me when i am older Updates

How Would You

How would you react if i told you i loved you,
Would you laugh and brag to your mates
Or would you say i love you to
How would you react if i said i needed you
would you go off with your mates
or would you stay and be caring
How would you react if i said i was pregnant with your child
would you leave me and never come back
or would you stay with me

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