Cheryl Cheng

Rookie (May 24,1995 / Toronto)

Biography of Cheryl Cheng

Hi all! My name is Cheryl Cheng (obviously) but my alias is Surely Choo Certain. My nickname, Choo, comes from how I pronounced my name when I was younger.

As you can probably tell, I am a poet! I love writing, and whenever an inspiration strikes me, I write it down. I hope you like them! !

I can see the CN Tower from my 'apartment', let's call it that. My friends are Leslie Ching, That Cool Guy, and Silverlight Chen. Check out their poems and help them achieve their dreams of becoming up and coming poets!

- =*.^=surelychoo

P.S. Please rate and comment on my poems! ! !

Note: Life is Meaningless, POETRY, Regret, and Typing Away are poems that I wrote on MSN to help my friend when she needed 24 more poems for her weekly poetry assignment in 2009.

Cheryl Cheng's Works:

Shadows in the Attic Updates

Dos And Don'Ts *

Do tie your shoelace.
Don't fall on your face.

Do be nice and polite.
Don't get into a fight.

Do try your very best.
Don't be worst than the rest.
Do be right on time.
Don't do this type of rhyme. **

* Please buy the disk.
** Attempt this at your own risk.

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