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I'm married,41 years. I have 2 grown daughters, and 3 grandchildren. I live on a small farm in Ohio.Where we raise cattle, [beef] chickens, a garden and pets.
Came from W.Va. I still consider it home, and write often of my appalachian roots.
My parents divorced when I was one, and I was given to an Aunt to raise.
At 13, she thought I needed to be with my 'real' mother.
At 14, my 'real mother', thought I would do better with an older brother.
At 14 yrs. and 2 mos. I decided, I would do better on my own. So I lived many lives in the next 5 yrs, until I married.
Since then I have lived a quiet life.I have scribbled since I was a child.
Learned to read, prior to entering school, from looking at poems my mother had read to me, and I had memorized.
My daughters show no interest, but grandchildren may! I hope anyway! Updates

The Bird

I hit a bird the other day;
did not slow down and did not sway.
My mind was too pre-occupied
to act; so we would not collide.

Wiping a tear as I passed by
my guilt and shame I'd not deny.
Instead I'd vow to slow life down;
drive slower as I go to town.

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