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Cheryl McDonnell Poems

1. Angel Stands 9/15/2008
2. Resurrection Edge 9/15/2008
3. It Fell Behind But Never Went Away. 9/15/2008
4. Plastic Yearning Tears 9/15/2008
5. Glass House 9/15/2008
6. Behind The Wall 9/15/2008
7. All I Have No Time For 9/15/2008
8. Pirate Ships 12/31/2006
9. He's Gone. 7/29/2008
10. Hopscotch Eulogy 9/15/2008
11. Ode To Big 9/15/2008
12. Roses And Outlaws 9/15/2008
13. Missed The Bus - Poem About A Dream I Had About Kurt Cobain 9/15/2008
14. Cicada 9/27/2008
15. And I Shall Walk On Glass. 9/27/2008
16. Same Sky. 9/27/2008
17. Just Another To Miss 9/27/2008
18. Ebony’s Back - Part I 9/27/2008
19. Harping On. 9/27/2008
20. Ebony’s Back - Part Ii 9/27/2008
21. Green Glass. 11/12/2008
22. Winter’s Changeling 11/12/2008
23. The Jugular Pastimes Of Summer 11/12/2008
24. Growing Out 9/15/2008
25. Damaged Orchid 9/15/2008
26. She Made Me An Island 9/15/2008
27. Ground Zero 9/16/2008
28. Lunar Lander 9/23/2008
29. Down To The Depths. 5/18/2010
30. Gryphon 11/12/2008
31. Among The Injika Trees 9/15/2008
32. Bird Of The Small Hours. 9/15/2008
33. Nitroglycerin 7/29/2008
34. Ember. 9/15/2008
35. Hey Everyone, She’s Autistic! 9/23/2008
36. This Is Fire 9/15/2008
37. Answers On The Wall 9/15/2008

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Best Poem of Cheryl McDonnell

Answers On The Wall

Come on jump right in
Your so shallow I won't drown
Summer she engaged her pain from within
Serves as a warning to his cheshire grin

She painted her answers on the wall
In symbols meant for the tall
The tv set echoed a lament
As a tribute to what she did paint

This wall sounds hollow
Like behind it a room could follow
Magazene clippings of faces
The waves of nothing her ship embraces

She painted her soul on the wall
Nothing here for you anymore
Go away now summer and hide
The shadows grow close behind.

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He's Gone.

Let the days that showed you life subside
Then it was time to be lead inside
Where the curtains were drawn for the last time
Your days on Earth to become only a shine
We went under the trees
Where we set your soul free
From the jar of fire
The wind blew away my last desire.

For my dad, may he rest in peace.

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