Cheryl Renaud

Cheryl Renaud Poems

1. Lyrical Man 7/10/2006
2. Angel Pin 7/12/2006
3. Cycle (Estrangement) 7/12/2006
4. No Butterflies In The Fall 7/12/2006
5. Teal 7/14/2006
6. Before Focused 7/14/2006
7. Bays Are Quaintly Curved... 7/10/2006
8. Postscript For 'Bays Are Quaintly Curved...' 7/10/2006
9. His Eyes Lilt... 7/10/2006
10. Since 7/10/2006
11. Silk Road 7/11/2006
12. I Tried To Contrive A Song... 7/10/2006
13. A Purification Of Opium 7/10/2006
14. Victorian Painted Lady 7/10/2006
15. The Burgeoning Of Wine 7/10/2006
16. A.M. Reverie 7/10/2006
17. Cattleya 7/10/2006
18. The Ride 7/12/2006
19. Cycle (Happiness) 7/12/2006
20. Human Plant 7/14/2006
21. Like A Love Thing 7/14/2006
22. Pigeon On A Cross (Bitter) 7/14/2006
23. Days Of The Infrared 7/14/2006
24. Vignette Set Of Black Dreams 7/14/2006
25. The Third Of Its Pertinence 7/14/2006
26. Dock For The Ship 7/10/2006
27. When Summer Leaves My Face... 7/10/2006
28. Homeostasis 7/12/2006
29. Along The Riddle Of Our Fiery Nights... 7/10/2006
30. Advents Of The Sun 7/14/2006

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Best Poem of Cheryl Renaud

Advents Of The Sun

Over my empty shoulders
I want you to sear past my skin
Split my valley with your hair
as I lay on my back
I'll gaze at you between mountains
Watch you rise and set
I want to wrap myself around you
Arms and legs made of blue
Cold lips warmth for you
Leaf-draped in pink and orange
as you hug me nightly
Spread your hair when
you dream under my sea

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A.M. Reverie

my piano is silent
it is time to put the top down

there are faces that part
in their greeting

any good now, to deliberate
love is better than ice cream

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