Cheryl Renaud

Cheryl Renaud Poems

1. Lyrical Man 7/10/2006
2. Angel Pin 7/12/2006
3. Cycle (Estrangement) 7/12/2006
4. No Butterflies In The Fall 7/12/2006
5. Teal 7/14/2006
6. Before Focused 7/14/2006
7. Bays Are Quaintly Curved... 7/10/2006
8. Postscript For 'Bays Are Quaintly Curved...' 7/10/2006
9. His Eyes Lilt... 7/10/2006
10. Since 7/10/2006
11. Silk Road 7/11/2006
12. I Tried To Contrive A Song... 7/10/2006
13. A Purification Of Opium 7/10/2006
14. Victorian Painted Lady 7/10/2006
15. The Burgeoning Of Wine 7/10/2006
16. A.M. Reverie 7/10/2006
17. Cattleya 7/10/2006
18. The Ride 7/12/2006
19. Cycle (Happiness) 7/12/2006
20. Human Plant 7/14/2006
21. Like A Love Thing 7/14/2006
22. Pigeon On A Cross (Bitter) 7/14/2006
23. Days Of The Infrared 7/14/2006
24. Vignette Set Of Black Dreams 7/14/2006
25. The Third Of Its Pertinence 7/14/2006
26. Dock For The Ship 7/10/2006
27. When Summer Leaves My Face... 7/10/2006
28. Homeostasis 7/12/2006
29. Along The Riddle Of Our Fiery Nights... 7/10/2006
30. Advents Of The Sun 7/14/2006

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Best Poem of Cheryl Renaud

Advents Of The Sun

Over my empty shoulders
I want you to sear past my skin
Split my valley with your hair
as I lay on my back
I'll gaze at you between mountains
Watch you rise and set
I want to wrap myself around you
Arms and legs made of blue
Cold lips warmth for you
Leaf-draped in pink and orange
as you hug me nightly
Spread your hair when
you dream under my sea

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A Purification Of Opium

The clothing of my longing shuns the rare
beauty of my hands—
which is obsolescence

It does not shed austerity at
a turn of particular light
or on an assemblage of words

Its wave is rather on a page

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