Cheryl Snell

Biography of Cheryl Snell

Cheryl Snell's work has appeared in over 170 journals, both print and online. Her short fiction has been nominated for the Million Writers Award and her forthcoming novel was a finalist for the Omaha Prize, the Serena MacDonald Kennedy Award and the Dana Literary Awards. Her first chapbook of poetry, Flower Half Blown (Finishing Line Press,2002) was nominated for the Ohioana Award in Poetry and two poems from her second collection, Epithalamion(Little Poem Press,2004) were nominated for the 2003 and 2004 Pushcart Prize.

Cheryl Snell's Works:

Cheryl Snell has two chapbooks of poetry, Flower Half Blown (Finishing Line Press,2002) and Epithalamion(Little Poem Press,2004) Updates

Sinusoidal Rhythm

Sea brine, barnacles. Commingling fuel.
Just before the frenzy, seagulls wheel overhead
screeching like evangels. The off-season waits,
lake unrippled, hymeneal.

Marina men with gleaming torsos roll out on dolleys;
pools of grease ooze like violence beneath them. Their eyes
slide over me Their smelling-salt sweat makes me wonder
where their mouths have been.

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