Cheryl Swain Burbage

Biography of Cheryl Swain Burbage

I am a very ordinary lady who happens to love poetry, and occasionally I like to write it, too. I am the divorced mother of a grown son who is the joy of my life, and two cats who are almost like children to me. My hobbies are reading, old movies and stargazing. I have had a few individual poems published and a non-fiction article, but my greatest desire is to someday have a volume of my poems published-and read! Updates


When you give me room to grow,
You needn't be afraid I'll go.
Let me spread my wings and soar,
And I will love you even more.
We can leave each other free,
So you'll be you and I'll be me.
At times my needs will take first place,
And sometimes you'll need me to brace
Your fragile hopes with words of cheer,