CHERYL winter

CHERYL winter Poems

1. Guyana - -The Free! 3/29/2017
2. Independence For Guyana! 3/29/2017
3. Unclaimed 11/14/2011
4. Tell Me Friends. 9/27/2011
5. While You Are Young 9/27/2011
6. Look To The Future 9/27/2011
7. Read On, Child! 9/27/2011
8. Make Education A Priority 9/27/2011
9. Peace Is Vital. 9/27/2011
10. Walk On! 9/27/2011
11. Good Will Return 9/27/2011
12. Sweet Life 9/27/2011
13. Set A Goal 9/27/2011
14. Let's Live In Peace And Love. 9/27/2011
15. Don'T Get Hooked 9/27/2011
16. Learn To Read, Write And Spell. 9/27/2011
17. Young Girls...Beware! (Creolese) 1/23/2013
18. Oh Mother! 4/30/2014
19. Christmas Spell 11/25/2013
20. Let Your Life Be A Blessing 9/27/2011
21. Life Is Serious Competition 9/27/2011
22. Be Content 9/27/2011
23. Mashramani In Creolese 1/23/2013
24. Don'T Be A Victim Of Jealousy 9/27/2011
25. Crusader 9/27/2011
26. Mashramani 1/23/2013

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  • mickellrenville (12/2/2017 10:01:00 AM)

    i love these poems. keep up the good work

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  • Phil Winter (6/11/2015 10:54:00 AM)

    Cheryl Winter is a teacher & Up Down Poet, Short Story Writer and Playwright.

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Every year in the month of February,
Guyana celebrates Mashramani;
Mash showcases our Guyanese culture,
Including our art, our craft and our literature.
Some of us play the steel pans,
Some flounce in the masquerade bands;
Some display beautiful costumes in the floats,
Some enjoy excursions on the ferry boats.
Some participate in poetry and dramatic presentations,
Some dance or sing in calypso competitions;
Some grace the cat-walk with their modelling;
Some display their skills in gymnastics and tumbling.
As Guyanese we have to show love for our ...

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Don'T Get Hooked

Young ones!
Don't get hooked!
For those hooked on drugs
They live like rats
Crawling on their bellies
And their backs!
Their existence is a fiery hell
The slip away into a dark, deep well!
Each day

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