CHERYL winter

CHERYL winter Poems

1. Guyana - -The Free! 3/29/2017
2. Independence For Guyana! 3/29/2017
3. Unclaimed 11/14/2011
4. Tell Me Friends. 9/27/2011
5. While You Are Young 9/27/2011
6. Look To The Future 9/27/2011
7. Read On, Child! 9/27/2011
8. Make Education A Priority 9/27/2011
9. Peace Is Vital. 9/27/2011
10. Walk On! 9/27/2011
11. Good Will Return 9/27/2011
12. Sweet Life 9/27/2011
13. Let's Live In Peace And Love. 9/27/2011
14. Don'T Get Hooked 9/27/2011
15. Learn To Read, Write And Spell. 9/27/2011
16. Young Girls...Beware! (Creolese) 1/23/2013
17. Oh Mother! 4/30/2014
18. Christmas Spell 11/25/2013
19. Let Your Life Be A Blessing 9/27/2011
20. Life Is Serious Competition 9/27/2011
21. Be Content 9/27/2011
22. Mashramani In Creolese 1/23/2013
23. Set A Goal 9/27/2011
24. Mashramani 1/23/2013
25. Don'T Be A Victim Of Jealousy 9/27/2011
26. Crusader 9/27/2011
Best Poem of CHERYL winter


You gently whisper
Words as smooth as silver
I hear..I hear you loud and clear!
But a litttle voice Inside me warns..
Beware! Beware!
I withdraw a while
To contemplate
What would be my fate
If I became a sucker
To a handsome looking sweet talker!
Who will bear the scars of indiscretion?
Who will be the object of condemnation?
Who will bear the pangs of conscience?
Who will know the open shame>
Who will become the early school leaver?
Who will become the unwed mother?
Who will be classified as second hand?
Who may ...

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Set A Goal

Set yourself
A wothwhile goal
Let your limit
Be the skies.
Do not cease
Your valiant striving
Though temptation
Beckons you.
Ride the storms
Of life!
Master the difficult times!
Make your dreams come true!

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