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1. Pre-Monsoon 2/24/2012
2. Free-Soul 2/24/2012
3. Never Asked Doubts 2/24/2012
4. Confused Lines..........: P: P 2/24/2012
5. We... 3/9/2012
6. How To Love? 3/9/2012
7. An Open Window 4/1/2012
8. Refreshingly Original 4/1/2012
9. Akele Hote Log 6/3/2012
10. Just Thoughts 6/3/2012
11. Ram The Great Soul 6/3/2012
12. My Soul Refused To Be Silent 6/3/2012
13. Time-Less 2/8/2012
14. Really Was So Busy... 2/8/2012
15. True Friend 3 2/8/2012
16. Life Is Just Right :) Specially Dedicated To All Teens 2/24/2012
17. Its All Awesome 3 2/24/2012
18. Teenage Dreams 6/3/2012
19. Christmas Gift 6/3/2012
20. Why God Made The Radio 7/7/2012
21. Better To Be Dumb 2/7/2012
22. I Lost My Sleep 9/15/2012
23. Two Boys On Bicycles 10/5/2012
24. Unwritten 11/6/2012
25. Super-Twins 2/7/2012
26. Shed Of A Golden Petal 2/24/2012
27. One Smile :) 6/3/2012
28. Indian Boys 2/7/2012
29. Rhythm And Blues 8/4/2012

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Rhythm And Blues

people are never the same,
its just the name,
relations are easy to break,
when you know its fake,

'sometimes its right to leave,
to talk less and brief,
just give it up and let go,
paste a smile to hide sorrow,

some hearts are full of black,
love and emotions they lack,
I've witnessed funeral of friendships,
but now we know how to live with hardships,

fights without the faintest clue,
memories like pointed screw,
try being animal and be familiar,
to the worst and the best,
as everything will stay with us,

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Some of the rain,
Some of the rainbow,
Some of the sun,
Some of the fun,

I need a high fly,
But not a sad goodbye,
I want the brightest star,
Which is a way too far?

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