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41. 3-Ways-Cauchy3 1/9/2007
42. Baby Blues-Cauchy3 1/10/2007
43. Quis Une Penses-Billingual-Cauchy3 1/15/2007
44. Atom-Cauchy3 1/26/2007
45. Powers As Virus-Cauchy3 1/31/2007
46. Power Up-Cauchy3 2/4/2007
47. Dickens Caps--Cauchy3 2/4/2007
48. Technique-Cauchy3 2/5/2007
49. La-Di-Da-Cauchy3 3/10/2007
50. Politic-3-Cauchy3 3/13/2007
51. Sinking-Cauchy3 3/26/2007
52. Gods Will Bless You-Mickey Bliss-Cauchy3 5/16/2007
53. Pushy Apples-Cauchy3 6/27/2007
54. Laws And Loves-Cauchy3 7/17/2007
55. Spoken Candid-Cauchy3 7/28/2007
56. Powers Must-V1-Cauchy3 7/30/2007
57. Come Up Perch-Cauchy3 8/8/2007
58. Tag Along-Cauchy3 9/17/2007
59. Happy Play-Roll-La As Laws-Cauchy3 9/29/2007
60. Gods And Apes-Cauchy3 9/30/2007
61. Taiwan Fighters-Cauchy3 10/1/2007
62. Clear-Cauchy3 10/2/2007
63. Norms And Airs-Cauchy3 10/2/2007
64. Ataque-Nerve-Cauchy3 10/26/2007
65. Cages And Sugars(Hearth) -Cauchy3 11/9/2007
66. Sugars And Cage(Hearth) -Cauchy3 11/9/2007
67. D-D-Dogs-Cauchy3 11/17/2007
68. Gods Three-Cauchy3 11/24/2007
69. Inner Hunger-Cauchy3 11/30/2007
70. Dreams-Reves-Cauchy3 2/19/2008
71. Cohere-Cauchy3 2/19/2008
72. A Kind-Cauchy3 2/19/2008
73. Hammer Tongs-Cauchy3 3/27/2008
74. Why Reactionary-Cauchy3 3/27/2008
75. Bunny Loves-Cauchy3 3/27/2008
76. Typical Modes-Cauchy3 4/5/2008
77. Begums Gods-Cauchy3 4/17/2008
78. Stocks To Loves-Cauchy3 4/27/2008
79. Tory Charms-Cauchy3 5/5/2008
80. Bossy Taoism Girls-Cauchy3 5/12/2008

Comments about cheung shun sang

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (7/31/2009 6:55:00 AM)

    true to the spirit of the age, beautiful poems.

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  • Natalie Wienstein (3/14/2005 7:37:00 PM)

    cheung shun sang, i think you you got that amazing soul that you suceed to put into your poems, that really able to frighten and shake. they reflect now, the way we (me at least) experience that NOW, cuts from reality put together. keep on writing!

  • Poetry Hound (12/26/2004 3:47:00 AM)

    I must admit that I have no idea what you're trying to convey in your poems. They seem like collections of random images. Sorry.

  • Robert Rorabeck (11/24/2004 2:20:00 AM)

    Cheung Shun Sang, you are a very interesting poet- id love to know the secret form of your ABC poems- many of them have excellent imagery- you're an original voice- you so rock!

Best Poem of cheung shun sang

.... A Jibe With Grand Doors-Cauchy3

The grand rocs are shadow flies.
A dinner is grand massive doors.
The massive doors set up lives.
To gibe are jeeps on paper dooms.

Smokes are sinking with stick to burn.
Metaphors are smiles but analogies are laws.
Each is beings and all are that could.
Weapons are phoenix but powers stand.

Play and point your lives on wars.
We flipped the ashes out of dust.
Obey cheerfully when all are asked.
Command wisely when lives are urged.

Whales are couch and tigers are paws.
Beds of roses are thrones with throngs.
Gross powers have profits ...

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Three Clears

1 AAAA Three clear.
Why there are three clears or there are three sweeps.
Each person after birth there are lots of photo images of lives and picture pixels that shot up or draw up in our brains.
Our pass experiences and learning are flash bulbs and markers to our brain photos and minds pictures.
Then each person put their efforts, vim and moneys to their actions and all are sending and giving with purposes.
But actually our worlds have many different cults and many

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