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81. Cohere-Cauchy3 2/19/2008
82. A Kind-Cauchy3 2/19/2008
83. Hammer Tongs-Cauchy3 3/27/2008
84. Why Reactionary-Cauchy3 3/27/2008
85. Bunny Loves-Cauchy3 3/27/2008
86. Typical Modes-Cauchy3 4/5/2008
87. Begums Gods-Cauchy3 4/17/2008
88. Stocks To Loves-Cauchy3 4/27/2008
89. Tory Charms-Cauchy3 5/5/2008
90. Bossy Taoism Girls-Cauchy3 5/12/2008
91. China Quakes-Cauchy3 5/20/2008
92. Dickey Jung-Cauchy3 5/21/2008
93. Donald Jung-2-Cauchy3 5/22/2008
94. China Bibles-Cauchy3 5/24/2008
95. Kill To All-Cauchy3 5/28/2008
96. Goose-Cauchy3 5/31/2008
97. Taiwan She With Loves-Cauchy3 6/18/2008
98. Poldie Pupils-Cauchy3 6/28/2008
99. Poldie Pupils 6/28/2008
100. Taiwan Loves-Cauchy3 7/22/2008
101. Stir And Slam-Cauchy3 7/26/2008
102. S.T.D.-Cauchy3 7/31/2008
103. Rings In Bulls For Female M.B.E-Cauchy3 8/6/2008
104. Feel My Legs-Cauchy3 8/6/2008
105. Gods To Load-Cauchy3 8/6/2008
106. Taiwan Cast A Stone-Cauchy3 8/7/2008
107. Worlds In Piece As One-Cauchy3 8/7/2008
108. Temple Sexes-Cauchy3 8/11/2008
109. Cadre-Cauchy3 8/20/2008
110. Saints-Cauchy3 8/20/2008
111. My Try-Cauchy3 8/24/2008
112. China Blank To None To Screens 8/29/2008
113. Few-Cauchy3 8/29/2008
114. A Right-Cauchy3 8/31/2008
115. Always Sins- Cauchy3 9/2/2008
116. Bath In Bloods-Cauchy3 9/15/2008
117. Goo-Goo To Form-Cauchy3 9/18/2008
118. Bugger-Cauchy3 9/22/2008
119. Sirs-Cauchy3 10/5/2008
120. 1-1-1-1-1 Behind Our Backs-Cauchy3 10/5/2008

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  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (7/31/2009 6:55:00 AM)

    true to the spirit of the age, beautiful poems.

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  • Natalie Wienstein (3/14/2005 7:37:00 PM)

    cheung shun sang, i think you you got that amazing soul that you suceed to put into your poems, that really able to frighten and shake. they reflect now, the way we (me at least) experience that NOW, cuts from reality put together. keep on writing!

  • Poetry Hound (12/26/2004 3:47:00 AM)

    I must admit that I have no idea what you're trying to convey in your poems. They seem like collections of random images. Sorry.

  • Robert Rorabeck (11/24/2004 2:20:00 AM)

    Cheung Shun Sang, you are a very interesting poet- id love to know the secret form of your ABC poems- many of them have excellent imagery- you're an original voice- you so rock!

Best Poem of cheung shun sang

Bamboo Tight

Bamboo tight…
Power glories are power home.
Ballsy bases are bamboo tight.
Stocks in dens and view on scopes!
Where you bring the taste of winds!

Partial loves are power gain.
Nosh up swallow some your lies.
Powers paint your fingers nails.
Powers get your package tied.

Powers are verbs and physic in nouns.
Gold inlaid are power hours.
Cubic powers aren’t simple lines.
Powers verbs are good to time.

Verbs diverse are work to push.
Powers shaping touch your gods.
Close and tight to fit are use.
More the caused effect as ...

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Three Clears

1 AAAA Three clear.
Why there are three clears or there are three sweeps.
Each person after birth there are lots of photo images of lives and picture pixels that shot up or draw up in our brains.
Our pass experiences and learning are flash bulbs and markers to our brain photos and minds pictures.
Then each person put their efforts, vim and moneys to their actions and all are sending and giving with purposes.
But actually our worlds have many different cults and many

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