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201. Summa Similes-Cauchy3 11/22/2006
202. China Party Rings-By Cauchy3 11/29/2010
203. Hello Laws-Cauchy3 12/2/2006
204. Confer-Cauchy3 12/8/2006
205. Gods May Come-By Cauchy3 12/5/2010
206. All Are Marred By Cauchy3 12/6/2010
207. Gods Are Shoot Off-Cauchy3 12/9/2006
208. Gods And Rains-Cauchy3 12/12/2006
209. Aron Visions-Cauchy3 12/15/2006
210. Whistles Back-Cauchy3 12/18/2010
211. Put The Rights-By Cauchy3 12/19/2010
212. Fates That List By Cauchy3 12/20/2010
213. Serve-By Cauchy3 1/1/2011
214. A La Seance-Cauchy3 2/6/2007
215. Senses And Nerves-Cauchy3 1/8/2011
216. 64-Case-Bilingual-Cauchy 3 2/7/2007
217. No-Cauchy3 2/16/2007
218. Chapels-Caiuchy3 2/18/2007
219. Money Wives-Cauchy3 2/23/2007
220. May We-Cauchy3 3/1/2007
221. Politic-Drugs-Cauchy3 4/10/2007
222. Butt In Gods & Cauchy3 Then Go Away 4/25/2007
223. All Are A--Cauchy3 4/27/2007
224. Airs-Cauchy3 5/11/2007
225. Panda Photos Are Gods 6/11/2007
226. Pack Me-Cauchy3 6/27/2007
227. Yama Zone-Political-Cauchy3 7/16/2007
228. All Pro Forma-Cauchy3 10/9/2007
229. Echelon-Cauchy3 10/9/2007
230. Cest Un As Du Etre En Rouge-Cauchy3-Billingual 10/10/2007
231. Screens-Cauchy3 10/11/2007
232. A Demarche-Cauchy3-Tricks 11/2/2007
233. Last Kiss-Cauchy3 11/5/2007
234. Howl-Cauchy3 11/9/2007
235. Sour 9/20/2011
236. Fluxes And Times 11/13/2012
237. Working 11/15/2012
238. Leftish Types 12/17/2012
239. Dover Drugs 12/17/2012
240. Bloods And Thoughts 12/17/2012

Comments about cheung shun sang

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (7/31/2009 6:55:00 AM)

    true to the spirit of the age, beautiful poems.

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  • Natalie Wienstein (3/14/2005 7:37:00 PM)

    cheung shun sang, i think you you got that amazing soul that you suceed to put into your poems, that really able to frighten and shake. they reflect now, the way we (me at least) experience that NOW, cuts from reality put together. keep on writing!

  • Poetry Hound (12/26/2004 3:47:00 AM)

    I must admit that I have no idea what you're trying to convey in your poems. They seem like collections of random images. Sorry.

  • Robert Rorabeck (11/24/2004 2:20:00 AM)

    Cheung Shun Sang, you are a very interesting poet- id love to know the secret form of your ABC poems- many of them have excellent imagery- you're an original voice- you so rock!

Best Poem of cheung shun sang

.... A Jibe With Grand Doors-Cauchy3

The grand rocs are shadow flies.
A dinner is grand massive doors.
The massive doors set up lives.
To gibe are jeeps on paper dooms.

Smokes are sinking with stick to burn.
Metaphors are smiles but analogies are laws.
Each is beings and all are that could.
Weapons are phoenix but powers stand.

Play and point your lives on wars.
We flipped the ashes out of dust.
Obey cheerfully when all are asked.
Command wisely when lives are urged.

Whales are couch and tigers are paws.
Beds of roses are thrones with throngs.
Gross powers have profits ...

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Bamboos In Bushes

Bamboos in bush-poem-cauchy3.
Moneys are daughters in laws for politics.
Esteems are not the only daughter words.
The safe words are good hells.
Equilibriums are to shout at Gods bellies.

Five stars are negative beaches.
Political groans are academic years.
Not respond to all magic treats.

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