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  • ''Quotation on love:
    it takes courage and purity to play the games of the heart with sincerity of purpose. anything to the contrary is cowardice and corruption of the spirit.''
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  • ''Quotation on friendship:
    man is always evolving. you never fully know who you really are until you see pockets of you in other people, and you never fully become until you have explored the existence of others.''
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  • ''Quotation on truth:
    friends may leave, feelings dissipate, trust wane, memories fade, but veracity will stand time's test even if concealed under a bushel or in disguise.''
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  • ''Quotation on faith:
    conviction without sight is a consequence of religious magnanimity, but in reality, it is the dork's apparel.''
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  • ''Proverb for the child:
    food fed by a known hand tastes better in the mouth than by unfamiliar fingers.''
    proverb for the child
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  • ''miscellaneous:
    man has never really drifted from the state of nature. in this time, it wears the face of laws and economic control.''
    state of nature
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    Sometime it's excruciatingly hard when you come to the stark realization of who you really are. You struggle with your true self and in constant battle with your emotions. You gaze at the world in bafflement and wonder at the great scheme of things and how different world elements/tenants comprehend, interpret and apply the rules of existence.
    Humanity ascribes to himself the origin, possessor and custodian of a higher intelligence (wisdom) but is shackled by his concepts of what liberty and freedom are. He is governed by his invented order of things and condemns any he considers to have run foul of this order.
    But the sea, a co-tenant and uninhibited wanderer possesses a wisdom that cannot be scribed on parchment but in the hearts of men and on the sands of time.
    She understands the concepts of liberty and freedom in ways that conform and align with the true meaning in the universe as she wanders vagrantly defying the embankment imposed by man's order.
    Some, everywhere in the universe find themselves in this gigantic fallacy called the order of things where true freedom is considered an aberration and a choice to be is stifled by concepts and theories that emanate from the hearts of fools.
    Every sane mind wants to evolve into their true self but this is an aspiration that falls foul of humanity's order especially in planes where men play god to fellow men. Thus, we are forced to find a kindred spirit and acquaint ourselves with the ''free'' to soothe our desperation and thirst with the curious imagination of what freedom feels and tastes like.  ''
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  • ''Ignorance does not lie only in the dearth of knowledge but also in the lack of critical analytical skills and 'zombiec' gullibility.''
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  • ''GOD DELUSIONAL: i'll rather wallow in the spirituality of Godism than dwell in the reality of atheism.''
    True Faith by Chize Ryan Ogunkah
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Best Poem of chize ryan ogunkah

The Odyssey (Chronicle) Of A Split Mind

My thought process is like rush hour traffic
With intermittent flashes of images
Like the effect of street lights
On a motioned vehicle on a Friday night.
The voices in my head
Take turns in quick succession
Like the characters on broadway.
There are the adversaries, the emissaries and the privies
In constant competition for my attention.
The voices in my head are mutant,
Adapting every new real vocal representation.
I am the hub of every top secret activity
I a lone stranger in the middle of a new York agora.
I prick up my ears and move within earshot ...

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living in full existence
what is life?
some moments of laughter
the euphoria of existing
those times when three wishes
wished unending
when companionship is
the tool for growth
when the number two is needed

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