Chloe' Jean

Rookie (07/13/93 / mississippi)

Biography of Chloe' Jean

My biography... well... I'm a teenage girl(16) I don't like my last name so I usually don't use it i live with my dad. I have a past. but so does every one else if you sit down and listen. Also one thing i hate is when someone says there life is worser than someone else because you have no idea what there going though. I'm bad at spelling and grammer. So sorry if there are mistakes. Updates

Angels That Are Gone

I think your not there
but you are.
Your there all the time
but I don't want you to be.
I do bad things
I don't want you to see but you do any ways.
So I should just live the way you would want me to live
No because I want to live the way I want

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