Chloe Meakin

Chloe Meakin Poems

1. Lemonheart 6/12/2005
2. Diaries Of Pirate 6/12/2005
3. Wrapped Around Your Finger 6/12/2005
4. Green Peach 6/12/2005
5. Die A Death 6/12/2005
6. The Game Of The Citizen 6/12/2005
7. Godsick 6/12/2005
8. Teenage Whore 6/12/2005
9. The Makings Of Sally Bowles 6/12/2005
10. The Passion Of Sally Bowles 6/12/2005
11. The Burnt Down 6/12/2005
12. Playing At Leaving 6/12/2005
13. Red Space 6/12/2005
14. Ripper 6/12/2005
15. Boys Through The Water 6/12/2005
16. Third Secret (A Sestina) 6/12/2005
17. Solitude B 6/12/2005
18. How I Came To Hate Bungalows 6/12/2005
19. My Heart And The String 6/12/2005
20. The Girl's Nobody 6/12/2005
21. Lost Past Episode 6/12/2005
22. General Trouble (For Samantha Bartle) 6/12/2005
23. Tsu-Na-Ga-Ru 6/12/2005
24. Heterochromia 6/12/2005
25. Two Weeks Before Your Wedding 6/12/2005
26. Disappointed Love 6/12/2005

Comments about Chloe Meakin

  • Peter A. Crowther (6/12/2005 1:20:00 PM)

    I don't quite know what to make of your poems but they certainly are refreshingly original and energetic! I also like the way you play with words - achieving some lovely musical effects with your use of internal rhymes, assonance and alliteration. Brilliant

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Best Poem of Chloe Meakin

Disappointed Love

I wake in the night,
your words and your face and your voice.

Kissing the back of my hand with my mouth. Half a dream still.
Half. My lips and my tongue, and my teeth.

I squeeze my eyes with their lids. I am squeezed by this.
No breath. I burst, and I am disappointed. Just disappointed.
Forcefully. Deep in the night.
You are a piano playing somewhere.
And you are several instruments, playing the same tune, all at once. How to be you.

Kissing you. Carefully, one lip at a time.
The top, the bottom,
I did this once, to you.

I ...

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Die A Death

god sink this place, it’s a paper boat.
it’s a boat of bones, it’s a great big hole.

god wrap a chain and slip
a slick lock through my shivering tongue.
make me dig my way through these solemn settled stones.

this place gives me things under the skin.

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