Rookie - 145 Points (14th January 1962 / Balarampur Village in the District of Purulia in West Bengal.)


41. Relational 10/15/2011
42. The Moment Of Setting 10/15/2011
43. The Grasp 10/15/2011
44. In The Empty Booth 5/15/2014
45. Tagore's Sweet Song 5/17/2017
46. Tolerance 1/12/2018
47. Naked Truth 2/24/2018
48. The Slave 3/6/2018
49. The Fun 9/29/2018
50. My Regret 7/30/2019
51. Timeless 3/18/2020
52. Me Exiled 4/29/2020
53. Incomplete 12/23/2004
54. Extinguishment 7/5/2007
55. The Puppet 7/5/2007
56. Overcome In Slowness 8/20/2009
57. Terra-Cotta 8/20/2009
58. Ash Negative 8/20/2009
59. Beggar’s Enclave 8/26/2009
60. Ecstasy 8/26/2009
61. A Young Poet’s Lyrics 8/14/2008
62. Howl 8/14/2008
63. Pathetic 11/5/2004
64. Contempt 1/9/2005
65. Hello Men 10/4/2004
66. Night-Table 11/5/2004
67. Thermisdom 10/31/2004
68. Rooma 1/1/2005
69. The Morning 12/1/2004
70. Someone 9/12/2009
71. Rice Boiler 12/12/2004
72. On This Day Of Gudi Padwa 4/2/2008
73. My Petty Greed 1/2/2005


  • Goutam Hazra (12/4/2004 8:42:00 AM)

    Dear Sukumar
    Every words you have chosen are meaningful and end resulted to create, each one as a fine poetry...look forward to read more from you.

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  • Robert Rorabeck (11/21/2004 10:56:00 PM)

    hello- i just want to say what an amazing poet you are- truly fantastic- i say this knowing that you may not appreciate my own work because on the surface it may seem very crass- but i've enjoyed your poems so much i need to let you know and to say thank you

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My Petty Greed

People with petty greed ~ how much do they get
Not all people have big-sized greeds
We very ordinary
bunch of people with petty greed
Don't even have courage to feel big-sized greed

My petty greed has often been met
by petty donors
Twice or so I was saved
by the God on my shelf
After safe escape I gave a smirk

Indulged a bit in intellectual conceit Ah
Escaped narrowly honour is saved
Yet my petty greed was not quenched
Even now I make rounds to petty donors
Ah they too are small-time people
They too live within limits
How can they give ...

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How long does the corpse feel burdensome
As long as the body rests on the shoulder
From home to the crematorial flames. So long
Chanting of Hari Bol. Images on empty walls
Garland, incense, peace, prayers for remission

Sorrow does not experience any vacuity. As the
Burden steadily recedes, tears reify. Spider's webs
Adorn the frame. Prior to wiping away the face

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