Rookie - 85 Points (14th January 1962 / Balarampur Village in the District of Purulia in West Bengal.)


41. The Solitary Soldier 12/23/2010
42. Relational 10/15/2011
43. The Moment Of Setting 10/15/2011
44. The Grasp 10/15/2011
45. In The Empty Booth 5/15/2014
46. Tagore's Sweet Song 5/17/2017
47. Tolerance 1/12/2018
48. Naked Truth 2/24/2018
49. The Slave 3/6/2018
50. Elegy 10/7/2004
51. Flute 10/7/2004
52. Enlightened One 12/17/2004
53. Paddy 12/21/2004
54. Hello Men 10/4/2004
55. Nordic Sadness 10/9/2004
56. Rice Boiler 12/12/2004
57. Incomplete 12/23/2004
58. Extinguishment 7/5/2007
59. The Puppet 7/5/2007
60. Eclogue 12/4/2004
61. Rooma 1/1/2005
62. Cry 11/4/2004
63. Startle 11/5/2004
64. A Young Poet’s Lyrics 8/14/2008
65. Howl 8/14/2008
66. Pathetic 11/5/2004
67. My Petty Greed 1/2/2005
68. Contempt 1/9/2005
69. On This Day Of Gudi Padwa 4/2/2008


  • Goutam Hazra (12/4/2004 8:42:00 AM)

    Dear Sukumar
    Every words you have chosen are meaningful and end resulted to create, each one as a fine poetry...look forward to read more from you.

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  • Robert Rorabeck (11/21/2004 10:56:00 PM)

    hello- i just want to say what an amazing poet you are- truly fantastic- i say this knowing that you may not appreciate my own work because on the surface it may seem very crass- but i've enjoyed your poems so much i need to let you know and to say thank you


On This Day Of Gudi Padwa

I could not reollect
whether it was Gudi Padwa,
the very auspicious day
when Lord Rama of Ramayanas
returned back to Ayodhya
with flying colours
Chasing great Ravana,
the king of Lanka.
And me reluctant of conflict & competitions
preferred to land in lonesome Maratha.

I heard the newly weds are being
invited on this day to dine with
Marathi delicacies.
No body invited single me
to taste even Phulanpuris
but I could very well recall
I liked the floating lights of
Telenkhedi Lake on this day.

I could not ...

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My Petty Greed

People with petty greed ~ how much do they get
Not all people have big-sized greeds
We very ordinary
bunch of people with petty greed
Don't even have courage to feel big-sized greed

My petty greed has often been met
by petty donors
Twice or so I was saved

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