chris bowen, a.k.a to wit

Rookie (04 30 1969 / fernanadina a.k.a ghost town)

Biography of chris bowen, a.k.a to wit

sent down from the underground, a small town kid, with flipped lids, and soda bottles, money was junk, but we were tight, it came callin every saturday night.

To-wit was born in fernandina beach florida.although growing up hating poems, he found he enjoyed time spent writing them, and putting out books of poem and prose.called a haiku master by ed coet, To-wit soon put out 5 haiku books all carried at

chris bowen, a.k.a to wit's Works:

17 books, all at Updates

Take A Break

sakes a my, wish i could i, left to die, envelope, stereo stow, whoa, my slip, my time, left to dime, i find, lunch, appreciated, even received, believed, by scenes, in movie dreams.demons munch on bruch street, think ill go to mcdonalds and speak.

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