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Single mum of 2 kids..happy go a good people..running my own community group..

Have been writing from an early age but have only recently taken it up again..would love to have my poems published some day if only for my kids..

I tend to write about how im feeling at the time..recently my character changed to being more happy so i wasnt writing deep poems people didnt want to read..they were happy about love..alas we cant always be happy or be how people expect us to be..this is my only real way of expressing come threats to my feelings..and maybe anyone who reads my work can get to learn about the real person from inside out..2 yrs ago I had cancer my poetry helped me through im fine..

Had a poem used on an ecard site last year which was nice to see..once wrote a poem for my son when he was young and it was published but under his a book for schools..

I also enjoy photography too..

'Always be yourself and as hard as life can be stand tall..keep smiling..with poetry you will never be alone'

Chris Boyles's Works:

Nothing as yet..but maybe one day I hope..

If you wish to contact me ref my writing please feel free to do so at Updates

'The Road Of Life'

When your feeling down and sad and feelings wont go away
when all you want is to be happy and feel good all day.
You have a life thats been wasted and its not had chance to live
and you just want to be yourself you have so much to give.

Why are things so hard to find as you travel along lifes road
how hard it is to cope with things when they hit overload.
You try so hard to do whats right and to make things work
but these deep and inner feelings are driving you beserk.

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