Chris Che Mbuzi Kaunda

Rookie (28 APRIL 1993 / Malawi)

Biography of Chris Che Mbuzi Kaunda

christopher junior aljazeera mbuzi kaunda is amalawian poet and musician born in 1993 from a familly of 8..i was just raised up by a poor widow in the the grace of ALLAH i managed to finish my primary and secondary school and right now im in college doing teaching and a diploma in TFAC...every situation i do meet with in my life it is all expresed in poetry......i started liking poetry because of my brother SHAMBA KAUNDA, he is agood writter and since my child hood i have been admiring him and that influenced me to start writting my own is like ajourney so if your not carefull you end up not reaching your destination..some may get to wonder why i like writing love poems its all because i know what lov is from my mother and brother...

Chris Che Mbuzi Kaunda's Works:

1=when i look back.....
2=inside poetry box Updates

Away From Me

Flying without wings
running away from me lastly pain it brings
i cant even now hear the song lovers sings
am failing to do anything am tied with love strings

Happy to see you after those years
i will be still waiting for you to wipe my tears
lastly we marry without no fears
while friends and relatives are giving geers

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