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Chris Edwards is the Sydney-based author of utensils in a landscape (Vagabond Press, 2001) and A Fluke: A mistranslation of Stéphane Mallarmé's "Un coup de dés S¼" (Monogene, 2005). He has published poetry in a variety of Australian journals and online at Jacket Magazine and Poetry International. He edited Robert Adamson's Mulberry Leaves: Selected Poems 1970-2001 and Inside Out: An Autobiography and is an associate editor of Boxkite.

Chris Edwards's Works:

utensils in a landscape (2001)
A Fluke: A mistranslation of Stéphane Mallarmé’s ‘Un Coup de Dès

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Behind the bridge of the human nose
one often strikes the eerie pose
of Ferdinand Flocon, nineteenth century pen-
pusher, who rendered the entire civil code of his country
into an epic poem. How interesting and helpful
his contemporaries were, who now knows?
On Flocon we have enough data to say
tokens of alarm, tidbits.
I offer you a psychic spanking:

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