Chris Haifley

Rookie ('96 / Germany)

Biography of Chris Haifley

I'm really nothing special. My real passion in life is art, but poetry and writing are a big part of me too. I draw abstract and am aiming to become a graphic designer. I love the raw emotion that comes from poetry and visual arts, it just makes life interesting. Anyway, I'm just trying to get out there and show the world some of my poetry and get some feedeback (on the accound that I've been writing privately for years) . And hopefully I'll gain some wonderful information about my poetry, so I can keep writing and find my way: D Updates


Never did I would think things would get so bad
One bad situation after the other—call me queen of WPWT
Call me under aged and hormone enraged
Call me the mute
I used to call you my Angel in my high-up junglegym dreams
When my trust and freedom were stitched together with tight, military seams
It didn’t last long, I didn’t know what the military was, WPWT
With eyes in caves and nails in wrists—North is a place I know you will miss

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