Chris Jibero

Rookie (Ugbawka)

Biography of Chris Jibero

Chris Jibero was born at Ugbawka, Enugu State, Nigeria but lives in Abuja.He read English Language and History (Education) .He is a teacher, writer, businessman, publisher, charity worker, motivational speaker and politician.He thinks that poetry and, indeed, all gamut of writing, is a potent healing balm for all wounds.He is also a strong believer in equity and fairness.

Chris Jibero's Works:

1) The Unknown African Baby

2) A Brand New Life

3) Recognising Love

All are poetry collections published by I-Proclaim. Updates


Our hurriedly erected edifice
Brimming with treasure
Neatly laid by benevolent spirits
Is brazenly despoiled
And the spoils recklessly spoilt
By a consuming cult
Of competitors sporting agbada
And khaki
Who bring us lurid laurels

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