chris 'jonezy' jones

Rookie (02/1990 / perth, australia)

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average person (in most ways) with a passion for writing lyrics, poems and analogies (lyrics are my particular favourite but doubt ill post them)
battling with mental illness and substance abuse but though these problems have held me back in some areas of life, i also believe they have taken me on a journey that inspires me to write, and a journey not even nearly finished. please note i am not a professional writer and i only do so in my spare time.
i hope with constructive criticism and opinions of other users of this site i can better my skills and be inspired to keep on with writing

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Your Journey, Your Path

It's your journey, your path to take, but as it is your path and no one else's, you will have to construct it yourself. We aren't all trained in paving and building paths, and those who are all have there own techniques for doing so, a way that is tailored to work most efficiently and effectively for them. They can show you how to mortar, how to la

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