Chris Seng

Rookie (july 25 / Kentucky)

Biography of Chris Seng

A newly self- published author of the poetry book Turbulent Emotions. As the back of his book says, ' a small town guy, with big time dreams' Chris Seng (MOJO to his friends) was born and raised in Kentucky, and shares life experiences including; heartache, pain, depression, sex, life's blessings, ans life's lessons throughout his writings! he also says'you got one shot in life, live it up! ! Updates

The Battle

In a gusting wind of hope
I feel myself start to choke
The ladder of life, I'm always climbing
always losing, never finding
A stable solution, a stable mind
this battle is lost, so nevermind
Can't seem to come out of this slump
The guy on the building, Watch out! I'll jump
Life is a battle, a purgatory state

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