chris stainthorpe

Rookie (30-04-1984 / Middlesbrough, England)

Biography of chris stainthorpe

im a commando trained soldier of her Majesties Armed Forces, my biggest influence when writing is unfortunatly sorrow and pain(mostly in Love) realy don't care to count how many times my heart has broken for it has been so many just in my last relationship. Seems Love is most definatly my cryptonite.
I hope people enjoy reading my poetry and hopefully you wont be able to relate to it too much or you too must have felt my pain and i wouldn't wish that on my worst Enemy. Updates

Im Sorry

I, - irresistable as you are and always will be.
M - is Me and how stupid iv'e been.

S - is Sexy, stupendous and sublime.
O - is Ohh my God i can't beleive iv'e lost you this time.
R - is relentless; the pain in my heart.
R - is for Repreaheve, i beg from this part.
Y - i can only simply and certainly say. i will Love you forever...... forever and a day.

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