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My name is chrishtiana. i am 21 years old. i have been writing since i can remember. Writing is what helps me cope with many things. the poems i have written are bits and pieces of me, my life written down on paper. most of my writings are from experience. they are how i feel, felt, been through, going through. Writing is essential for life. it is the place people can escape and express themselves. in those writings, readers can either connect with what is said, or no someone who can. with these gifts of writing i feel as though we should use them to say something, something meaningful. Something powerful. each word written down tells a story, the author has the power to determine what the story is and how it will turn out. if you read any of my work. feel free to express your thoughts. i would love to know how to better my writings. i have posted poems that are back from many years ago. i will slowly post poems from over the years.. i tend to write often, therefore it is hard to decide what to post, if to post, ect.

Chrishtiana Reed's Works:

i do not have any books published at the moment. however i would love to get my writings published and seen all across the world. Updates

Painful Love

All i can think aabout is he is, if he is in trouble, if he is hurt, who he is with, or if he still even loves me. i dont understand why i cant stop thinking about him. i mean after all the pain and heartache he caused me. it makes no sence to me after all he put me through. but it seems like he keeps coming back like a cold or a flue.
Can anyone tell me why, why this is so hard, why he is all that is on my mind, why i could care and love for a heartbreaker? it hurts! itr hurts real

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