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'Birth is the start of loneliness, and loneliness is the start of poetry.' ~Erica Jong
I led what most would call a 'normal' life by society's standards. No extraordinary stories of hardships, although I know what it's like to just get by. No stories of heroic feats, depending on what you define as 'heroic'. However, I was cursed with a very fragile heart. And it tends to be banged up and broken from time to time. My poetry is my escape. It seems to be one of the few acceptable ways to express my anger, hurt, resentment, hate, and love. I hope by reading my poetry, you get a sense of who I am and how I feel. If you like any of my poetry and wish to use it, e-mail me ( and I can give you written authorization to do so. Please respect me as a poet (and a person) and do not use my poetry, part or whole, in any way without permission. If you write poetry from the heart as I do, you know how much that means.
'You can only be you. A lot of times that's not enough for some people.' ~Tori Amos

Chrissy Robinson's Works:

I unfortunately do not have any published books. I do, however, have a few published poems. An accomplishment I'm quite proud of! Updates

Sparkle, Sparkle

A diamond engagement ring
sitting on a sobbing woman's finger.
A newly washed car
proudly shown off by its owner.
The dew on a rose
after a morning's mist.
A child's eyes
on Christmas morning.
The vast ocean

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