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Biography of christena williams

Christena Antonia Valaire Williams, born on April 21st,1992, who currently lives with Mom, Thriflin and two brothers, Shaun and Andre Williams. I aspires to be a World class poet and a Criminal Lawyer, Also 27 poems published by The Gleaner Company in Jamaica of which 6 is under a pen name “Anna Chavell Stewart”. Recently the poem also published by Gleaner “Remove the Barriers” was featured in an International book, “World Healing, World peace poetry Anthology Volume 1”. This Poem was also chosen as one of the top 30 poems in that competition. My interest is to write poetry as well as empowering others to accomplish what they will and be the change they wish to see. Several of my poems can be featured in Anthologies such as “Hiding in the Shadows” By Barry Mowles, Hot summer nights by Inner Child Press as well as A Gathering of words: Poetry and commentary for Trayvon martin. “Bleeding Hearts” by Dwina Taylor and Tripping on Words: a literary atlas, Reflection on a Blue planet (2,3,4) by Brian Wrixon. Breast cancer awareness poetry campaign 2012.On the words of love by Brian wrixon also poets Being. Christmas 2012 poetry by Barry Mowles and World trade 9/11 charity book. Updates

I Drank Poetry

Pour me some more
Let me stumble through the back door
Let the police
Smell the poignant aroma of rhythm and blues
Collide with my Genius creative expression
Handcuff me for resisting being silent
Check my breath for the bubbles of a drunken poet
Spitting up words and rhymes

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