Christian Connor Schwantes

Christian Connor Schwantes Poems

1. Systems Theory 1/8/2012
2. Pollen Season 1/8/2012
3. Children 1/8/2012
4. Feelings Of Vomiting 1/8/2012
5. The Isles Of Dreaming 1/8/2012
6. Diner Conversation 1/8/2012
7. Anorexic And Down 40 Dollars 1/30/2012
8. Catching Arrows 1/30/2012
9. Girls In Back Rooms 1/30/2012
10. Church Theatre 1/8/2012
11. Fire Light 1/8/2012
12. Planned Obsolescence 1/8/2012
13. Private Party 1/8/2012
14. Assembly Line Clowns 1/8/2012
15. Occupational Hazards 1/8/2012
16. Mating Call 1/8/2012
17. Basic Rules 1/8/2012
18. Quantum Sight 1/30/2012
19. Bottle Caps 1/30/2012
20. A Practice In Limericks 1/30/2012
21. The Fatty Assassin 2/19/2012
22. Banks Reality Policy 2/19/2012
23. Runaway Darling 2/19/2012
24. Scalpel Please 2/19/2012
25. Chinese Rhyme Trap 2/19/2012
26. H 2 Fate 1/30/2012
27. Soggy Waffle 1/8/2012
28. Ticking Time Bombfriend 1/30/2012
29. Social Songs 1/8/2012

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Best Poem of Christian Connor Schwantes

Social Songs

Lyrics are harsh and filled with classical malice
Drinking in tears dripped into its chalice
Where logic binds it, time can’t define it
Suicide seems suitable
Euthanasia created a melodic fantasia
Composed with the hammering of heart beats
Sung by the choir of the simpletons
The heart is beating between the sheets
Received by the lifeless as a roaring sensation
Tempo caused by the lure of temptation
Another piece of unoriginal creation
So slip on in and find me hiding
Humming away a model tune
Hoping for a revolution conceived too soon
Into the night ...

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Church Theatre

Strike the match that lights the fire
Burning like stars that pass us by
Twinkling like candles competing in church
Sing the chorus and start to fly
Hallelujah to the lips of lusciousness
Praise to the hair of fire
Images traveling down the wire
To the center of souls, out for hire
The gospel of gloss with passages of perfume

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