Christian Eliab Ratnam Poems

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Wearing Hope

I stood beneath a great oak tree,
Extending a fishing rod into the sea.
An hour went by,
Day said goodbye.

Sonnet 1: Hope You Love Me Too

I love you with all my heart,
With my every breath,
That sometimes I wish we will never part,
Even it be the will of death.

A Friend Indeed

A friend like you I could have known for ages,
Our Souls must have waited sometime.
About you, I could write a million pages,
Our friendship would eternity align.

Distant Intimacy

It seems you are always by my side,
Though you are far away.
You always see me through rough tides,
When friends around, run off to play.

The Lord My God

I shall sleep soundly in my sorrows,
I shall walk with courage in my darkest fears,
For the Lord my God is with me.
When my heart wails in sore distress,

The Broken Heart

My soul yearns for something more,
Specifically what, I cannot tell.
It whispers something in my ear,
A silent prayer, a curse, a spell.

A Lover's Apology

It came upon a silent night,
The full moon shining bright,
When I remembered what I lost,
And recalculated it's cost.

If Only

If only I could hold your hand,
And not want to hold it longer.
If only I could look at you,
And not want to behold you longer.

Love For Comfort

Oh my fair Patricia,
Know not hatred, weeping or hunger
For they who perceive it never sleep.


Paper of evil,
Metal of spoils!
Sorrow exist,
With no happiness,