Christian Jude Iankefvozuqx Tan Limpangog

Rookie [Bellepoet Iankefvozuqx] (October 20,1983 / Cebu Philippines)

Biography of Christian Jude Iankefvozuqx Tan Limpangog

The Poet: Christian Jude Iankefvozuqx Tan Limpangog, BSN, RN, CIVTN, MAN, RM, DSpEd, MBA, NL
The astonishing poet is a nurse, midwife, writer, humanitarian, advocate, researcher, educator, project manager and a public servant from Cebu Philippines.
He has aspired to be one of the great poet of his generation.
He embodies unique beauty, with a fresh young look and a rich artistic talent beyond his years that needs no introduction.
The poet is working as a nurse and during his free time poetry is his forte of mechanics.
The poet has 7 compilations of notebooks, inside were all poems during his high-school days, college days and up to the present...
As you all read through, the poet hope you will all love his dignifying poetry the way he gave importance to his art of writing.
As each line of his poetry is a core devotion of immaculate heart and vivid soul... Updates


© Christian Jude Iankefvozuqx Tan Limpangog

When I was alone you were there to make me smile
A minute halt and I never think to walk a mile
You thought me what is love all about
The emotions are strong to move any mount
But you never told me I’m not suppose to love you
Now it’s too late I’m fallen for you
I’m not sure if you will love me

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