Christian K. Montiel

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Christian K. Montiel Poems

1. When You Are Alone. 9/27/2006
2. December. 9/28/2006
3. I'M Dying Inside. 9/28/2006
4. Intimate Strangers. 9/29/2006
5. Fantasies 1/25/2007
6. Whom May Concern/Suicide Note 2/10/2007
7. Down With You. 3/7/2007
8. Guilty Pleasure. 4/24/2007
9. Love Me. 5/21/2007
10. Alicia. 9/17/2007
11. The Wrong Way Home. 9/17/2007
12. Vacancy. 9/17/2007
13. On This Night. 10/2/2007
14. Holy Emotions. 10/2/2007
15. I Ride With My Love. 10/11/2007
16. Missing Lyrics. 10/12/2007
17. The Last Sunset. 10/12/2007
18. My Love For You. 10/19/2007
19. Beyond The Sun. 10/20/2007
20. No Peace. 10/24/2007
21. Love In Silence. 10/24/2007
22. Nightmares In Beautiful Dreams 10/29/2007
23. Nasty Lady. 10/31/2007
24. Such A Good Friends. 11/1/2007
25. So Naughty. 11/1/2007
26. You Can Love Me Slow. 11/2/2007
27. Me, Him And The Other One. 11/6/2007
28. Follow My Lead. 11/14/2007
29. How Sad. 12/4/2007
30. Carmelita From The Store. 12/4/2007
31. Eternal Reveal. 12/4/2007
32. Love Apart. 12/4/2007
33. Pictures. 12/5/2007
34. Eternal Love. 12/5/2007
35. Single Mothers. 12/5/2007
36. Irma. 12/5/2007
37. Newborn. 1/5/2008
38. Unfaithful. 1/5/2008
39. My Poem. 1/5/2008
40. Life From Here. 1/5/2008

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My Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl.
Beautiful brown eyes that are like a pond fill with holly water that reflects the blessings from the sun, beautiful girl don’t be so sad and wipe those tears from your beautiful eyes because I’ll be with you tonight.
Let me brush you hair meanwhile you are falling asleep ready to fly into your dreams.
There! I open the doors of the world for you but be careful with the evil that fulfill this lonely empty world.
Don’t look back because you angels will be by your side every day and every night of your beautiful life.
Beautiful girl, beautiful flower that god took ...

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When You Are Alone.

Sometimes you sit next to the phone, waiting for him
To call so he can tell you when he is coming home.
Lying down in the bed waiting alone, so you man come
Home with the same excuse again, I know you tired
Of this game but is too late now, so I guess
The best is to keep guessing if you love him.
If I could help you, but I can't because I'm not your
Gentleman, I'm just a pass by memory into your head
Now you are into a

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