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Christian K. Montiel Poems

41. Poor Dreamer. 1/5/2008
42. After You Left Me. 1/5/2008
43. Lies In The Moon. 1/14/2008
44. The Bad One. 1/14/2008
45. I'M The One. 1/14/2008
46. On My Way. 1/14/2008
47. Voices. 1/14/2008
48. Autumn Times. 1/14/2008
49. Let's Do The Math. 1/18/2008
50. Problems. 2/3/2008
51. Special Person. 2/11/2008
52. Her Name. 2/11/2008
53. Just A Though. 2/14/2008
54. Clown. 9/27/2008
55. Cuate. 9/29/2008
56. Lonely Girl. 11/17/2008
57. The Rhythm Of A Lost Mind. 11/17/2008
58. The Sun. 11/17/2008
59. With Out You. 12/30/2008
60. Wrong Story. 12/31/2008
61. Unconscious. 12/31/2008
62. Romantic Blue. 1/20/2009
63. Sex Whatever. 2/28/2009
64. Drama Free! 5/7/2009
65. On The Mood. 5/7/2009
66. The Love Of My Life. 5/7/2009
67. Lonely At Last. 5/7/2009
68. Torture Poem. 6/25/2009
69. 'The Big O' 6/30/2009
70. Hazeleyes. 10/17/2009
71. Beyond October. 10/17/2009
72. I Can'T 10/17/2009
73. Hopes About You. 10/20/2009
74. So Beautiful Hazel Eye. 10/20/2009
75. Puppet. 10/20/2009
76. Priceless. 11/7/2009
77. One Deep Feeling. 7/1/2010
78. The Toad Of February. 7/12/2010
79. The Train On 12th Street. 7/12/2010
80. I Must Die. 5/23/2008

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My Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl.
Beautiful brown eyes that are like a pond fill with holly water that reflects the blessings from the sun, beautiful girl don’t be so sad and wipe those tears from your beautiful eyes because I’ll be with you tonight.
Let me brush you hair meanwhile you are falling asleep ready to fly into your dreams.
There! I open the doors of the world for you but be careful with the evil that fulfill this lonely empty world.
Don’t look back because you angels will be by your side every day and every night of your beautiful life.
Beautiful girl, beautiful flower that god took ...

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Sexual Desire

Sexual desire is into my mind,
When I close my eyes and dream
About you.
Sometimes is hard to deal
With the stereotypes that people give me when I tell them about you and me, they say I'm just a poor dreamer
Falling in love with something that never exists.
But you are a dream that I don't want to wake up from it, that is why my eyes I would never like to open.
This is just a feeling that develops around me and every time that I run my fingers trough your skin so I can feel you close to

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