Christian Lacdael Poems

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Social Media

The world's shrunk by our need to share,
Networked wires save trips here and there,
Make new friendships, cement the old,
Find freedom to escape the mould,

Bare Trees, Poem On Nature

Fracture lines cut in a bleak sky,
Stripped bare across the countryside,
Shadows of what they used to be,
Silhouetted so beautifully,

Spring Equinox

Darkness loses its upper hand,
Balance has at last been regained,
The sun is bright but the wind is cold,
Old man winter's reign is to end,

London Riots 2011

Anarchy is wrecking Britain,
Whilst mocking every law written,
And those that make such madness reign,
Merely get looked at with disdain,

London 7/7 Bombings

A dark anniversary dawns,
Such tragic deaths the country mourns,
There's a hurting across London,
Scars of the city yet deepen,

Queen Elizabeth Ii

Elizabeth the second's reign,
Has been much to her realm's gain,
Her allegiance to her nation,
Model to those of her station,


Blame has somehow fallen my way,
Though I weren't in the guilty fray,
Pained by what she'd not got to say,
We enter a violent ballet,

St. Patrick's Day

Make sure you wear a touch of green,
For where there is 40 shades seen,
Be sure to have a shamrock on,
And honour the national icon,

Lion Heart

Cometh what may,
I'll win the day,
Amid the fray,
My sword gives sway,

Ode To London

London where parliament convenes,
Home of the pearly kings and queens,
Crowds of people on shopping sprees,
Remember to mind the gap please,