Christian Thomas Scott

Veteran Poet - 1,389 Points [Erasmus] (July 8th / United States)

Christian Thomas Scott Quotes

  • ''Soot drawn
    Time is
    Not a
    Wealth of
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  • ''And frozen are the flames within the green''
  • ''For what is love but chasing after wind,
    And living on the brink of living's end?''
  • ''There is nothing so fatal to success than the belief one is already there.''
  • ''The most pitiful man, I think, is the one who does not.''
  • ''The subtle difference between solitude and loneliness spans the gulf of worlds.''
  • ''If they say you've lost your mind, you're most likely on the right track.''
  • ''Brevity makes such selection of necessity.''
  • ''Silence is a rare thing. In fact, it is almost never quiet enough to discover it isn't there.''
  • ''Communication is such a complex mechanism, for only by an increase in accuracy do the words reveal heightened inadequacy.''

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Best Poem of Christian Thomas Scott


By nightfall did we reach,
And so begin our destination.
As though I would, at least, assume it was a stable course.
Though unsteady was the travel.
You caught me at a time,
And truth be told, there is no other way.

It was quite unlike most present happenings.

Yet something stirring where we will,
And if we may, lay down our heads to rest.
But we are not so fluid in the daytime.
And after several thousand years or so,
Of sitting on blank magazines and
Pamphlet rendered thoughts,
Those structures say:
Come back to earth, come back to feel...

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The feet that pad on mossy earth
Through gilded forests, rimmed with green,
The shadows flit through sunlit air,
To dance upon the frigid streams.
The breaking clouds in scarlet skies
Shine down on waking meadow's glow,
Yet canopy of twisted leaves
Filters down on river's flow.
For winter's shining water's gleam,

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