Christian Thomas Scott

Veteran Poet - 1,389 Points [Erasmus] (July 8th / United States)

Christian Thomas Scott Quotes

  • ''If you stand on a foundation you have hastily constructed, some busy person will knock it flat, quite accidently, as they navigate through their way with infinite certainty.''
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  • ''Poetry is a self-centered application to our experiences, yet inevitably so. We have not the capability to stand in another's place without still looking through the lenses of our own interpretation.''
  • ''Perhaps if ideas were tangible, we could experience the brilliance of perfect coherence and the subtle art of correlation.''
  • ''Trivial concerns tend to be what we die for. Rarely is there a cause so noble as to excite anything but boredom.''
  • ''Perhaps if the entirety of mankind was forced to become self-centered, the world would become a much more suitable living space.''
  • ''The tendency of the finite mind, as it tinkers with the immaterial, is to merely subjugate reality to its own terms and understandings.''
  • ''Do not be so foolish as to stand in self-wrought confidence. You did not have to be created.''
  • ''Orient your mind upon that which is firm and true. Everything else will follow.''
  • ''There is much comfort in the company of one who likewise desires solitude.''
  • ''There is something insurmountable in the process of crafting an eternity of emotion by means of the feeblest implementations of understanding: language.''

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Best Poem of Christian Thomas Scott


By nightfall did we reach,
And so begin our destination.
As though I would, at least, assume it was a stable course.
Though unsteady was the travel.
You caught me at a time,
And truth be told, there is no other way.

It was quite unlike most present happenings.

Yet something stirring where we will,
And if we may, lay down our heads to rest.
But we are not so fluid in the daytime.
And after several thousand years or so,
Of sitting on blank magazines and
Pamphlet rendered thoughts,
Those structures say:
Come back to earth, come back to feel...

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Intertwine my fingers with the moonlight,
And rouse my mind in early strength to bear,
The view of autumn morning's crisper sight,
And lace my feet with tender unwound care.
For though the feeble tasks of men are quaint,
In lacking murky trees and slopes to roam,
They haven't made to break from this restraint,
And live with one another all alone.
Yet here when I return among the trees,

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