Christina C Sunrise

Rookie [Suzae] (04-18-1966 / Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Christina C Sunrise Poems

81. Clear Karmic Debt 5/30/2013
82. Cat Died Today 5/30/2013
83. Consciousness Over Denial 5/30/2013
84. Bless The Beach 5/30/2013
85. Christina Sunrise 5/30/2013
86. Bless The House And The Earth 5/30/2013
87. Beyond The Charade 5/30/2013
88. Children Of The Light 5/30/2013
89. Past Life Karma 6/1/2013
90. Who Put Your Third Eye On Your Forhead? 6/2/2013
91. What If Humans Lived In A Cage? 6/2/2013
92. We Assume 6/1/2013
93. We Are The Aliens 6/1/2013
94. We Are Just Passing By 6/1/2013
95. We Are One Big Family 6/1/2013
96. U.S. Needs Purification 6/1/2013
97. Two Souls Trapped 6/1/2013
98. Visions 6/1/2013
99. Trash Circle The Size Of Texas 6/1/2013
100. Uniqueness Opportunity 6/1/2013
101. Thoughts Are Like Feathers 6/1/2013
102. Tons Of Shoes And No Food 6/1/2013
103. Trees Will Be Respected 6/1/2013
104. Trust Is Fragile 6/1/2013
105. This Is America 6/1/2013
106. We Live In An Insane Asylum 6/1/2013
107. We Are Blessed 6/1/2013
108. Victims No More 6/1/2013
109. Transitions 6/1/2013
110. We Are One Soul 6/1/2013
111. We Are Afraid Of Dying 6/1/2013
112. We Are Innocent 6/1/2013
113. The Most Profound Part 6/1/2013
114. Thank Mother Earth Each Day 6/1/2013
115. We Are The Light 6/1/2013
116. Thank The Higher Beings 6/1/2013
117. There Are No Enemies 6/1/2013
118. Stop For Today 6/1/2013
119. Tell Me A Story 6/1/2013
120. We Are Just Visiting 6/1/2013

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Respect Your Dog

Respect Your Dog
Dogs have feelings like everyone else,
people treat them badly,
thinking they are beneath us.
Dogs help us spiritually, but people can’t see,
how they hurt man’s best friend dearly.
Now what species would leave its pack,
Live with another, be loyal and watch its back?
Dog is the sacrifice to save your life,
when wolf eats your dog,
you are only hurt
like an arm that’s been knifed.
Need I say more
to defend dogs galore?

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Cast Of Characters

Cast of characters that you do choose
to experience in this life win or loose.
For they will help you evolve if you like it or not
they could be your enemy and give you strife.
But how do you wake up and become who you are—
you would not grow and come very far.
So it is with this karmic game—
you will keep experiencing again and again
so you can change.

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