Christina M. Sanford (Daughter of Gaia)

Biography of Christina M. Sanford (Daughter of Gaia)

Christina M. Sanford (Daughter of Gaia) poet

Christina is an empathetic lesbian, who can connect her vagina to nearly every object in the entire universe, creative and a little creepy, she always astonishes her friends.

I am a preternaturally talented artist-seer, a reluctant empath afflicted with back shivers and psychic twinges, who skips to the phone before it rings.

Hip-Hop-ish. Spiritual. Nature. Flow-idity. Unorthodox. :)

Christina M. Sanford (Daughter of Gaia)'s Works:

Daughter of Gaia - Wisdom 3.0 Updates

Praying Mantis

Wilderness within, inner voice I listen, emotional guidance system,
intuition of my yin..
Reaping the benefits of meditation,
segregation from a chaotic generation of a troubled nation.
I am an ambassador of the inner kingdom, breathing freedom,
is where I will be leading 'em.
Quiet the mind, calm the anger storm brewing inside,
heart open wide, cosmic aligned...
Come join me for some, Me Time, over some tea or wine?

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