Christina M. Sanford (Daughter of Gaia)

Biography of Christina M. Sanford (Daughter of Gaia)

Christina M. Sanford (Daughter of Gaia) poet

Christina is an empathetic lesbian, who can connect her vagina to nearly every object in the entire universe, creative and a little creepy, she always astonishes her friends.

I am a preternaturally talented artist-seer, a reluctant empath afflicted with back shivers and psychic twinges, who skips to the phone before it rings.

Hip-Hop-ish. Spiritual. Nature. Flow-idity. Unorthodox. :)

Christina M. Sanford (Daughter of Gaia)'s Works:

Daughter of Gaia - Wisdom 3.0 Updates

Lady Of Luck

Let this message of prosperity shine thru my red and black poke-a-doted little friend of mine....

Words thru wishful rhyme vibrate to the moon, dreams will soon be in bloom in due time....

Time seems to always be pushing against me, so I'm a gonna push back and do my "POW WOW in the NOW"....

Show them how to plow the seeds we sow in our field of dreams we bestow in which happiness can grow....

Protect what I believe in, defend for what I have come to know, block out their d

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