Christina Shischell

Rookie (1992 / Michigan)

Biography of Christina Shischell

I love music and poetry, I mostly listen to Classic Rock. My favorite poets are Edgar Allen Poe and Javan. I hate school, I hate most of my teachers. I like the band Pray for the Soul of Betty, some people call me crazy, but I would just say that I am different.

Christina Shischell's Works:

None yet, but I hope that I can get one published soon! Updates

Evanders Song

The wind gently weeps as we all walk the same old road
And we meet some who walked here before
Some hiding in the shadows, some running freely in the light
Some bearing heavy burdens and others bringing hope

And they spread there hope of change throughout each corner
Of this long and endless winding path
And the sound of bare feet pounding against a worn and trodden ground
Reached one man alone who heard a rhythm in the sound

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