Christina Simmons Biography

I was born on the Island of St Lucia, situated in the Caribbean. My mother left me with my grandmother and grandfather to come to London, England. To stay with father. I was 5 years old at the time. Join them at the tender age of 9 years old. The difference in climate, temperature was a shock to my system. Shiver as I recall back. In school I wasn't an academic - spend my days mostly day-dreaming, my head in the clouds. I went back to studies as a mature student where I develop the bug for knowledge. There was really no stopping me once I got the taste to pursue higher education. I trained as a social worker for two years, then decided the person who needed help was MOI.
Did primary school teacher training and again did two years only to discover it wasn't for me. Then I trained a further year learning aspects of counselling. It was during that period I found out had talent for entertaining folks: I packed as much as I could under my belt in the way of creative writing, script writing, poetry work shops, singing lessons and learning to play bongo drums, guitar; I performed my poetry, sang at various venues in the evenings. Until diagnosed with brain tumour in spring 2002. When my then life came to an abrupt end and like the phoenix who re-risen from the ashes I was reborn.

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