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Victoria Passed

through Kings Cross. no stops. feint
smoke odours. eerie empty horror

twilight. twelve people look up,


for Sherrice Iverson

Maybe you smiled. Ballanchine bright eyed. Twirled
around the hotel room to clapping hands. A ragged

As It Is With All Things

I knelt to stir the river.
my finger touched silt,
leaves, rocks.

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Christina Springer is a text artist who uses poetry, dance, theatre, film and other visual expressions. As an Outreach Artist for the Historic Royal Palaces, she delivered four projects with youth: 'Rapping On Walls, ' 'Black Birds & Bars, ' 'Bling & Beheadings' at the Tower Of London and 'Dragon Drap D'Or' at Hampton Court Palace from 2006 un ...

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