Christine Ann Persaud

Rookie (9 11 92 / New York)

Biography of Christine Ann Persaud

My mom is Janet Mantilla and my dad was Baljit Persaud. Since I was born my life has been a little complicted, but with some luck I am still here. My grandparents raised me since I was 6years old. Then They brought me to Ecuador where I have been living since 10years. My dad died 2weeks before I had 15, and I think that my life changed totally from that. I never had the opportunity to know my dad´s family, so it´s like a missing part of me. But although all this, I can live with it cause they´re worst things in life I think. So I forgot that part of my life. I have a little group of best friends. I´m a little crazy! ! jaja In a good sense. I really don´t know why I write. But I just do it suddenly! From nothing. I have to recognize that I had forgot some english so sorry for my mistakes, please! ! Well I wish you´ll like my poems and if you not, sorry but I am not a pro! ! I just do this cause I feel better writting what I can´t say with sounds. Updates

Sueños De Verano

En el profundo mar
De mi corazón,
Tus ojos me hacían quemar
Toda inseguridad sin razón.
En la paz de tus olas
Y el calor de la arena,
Todo fluye mientras me hablas
En una velada de una noche serena.
Sin secretos o mentiras

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