Christine Lockehart

Christine Lockehart Poems

1. I Love You 8/27/2010
2. For Every... 8/28/2010
3. Always And For Never 9/2/2010
4. White Flag 12/4/2010
5. Trouble 12/19/2010
6. If I Could Only Prove My Love 12/25/2010
7. Lonely Eyes 12/26/2010
8. A Vicious Circle 1/6/2011
9. Apart 1/6/2011
10. Marionette 1/12/2011
11. Change 1/12/2011
12. Sunrise 1/16/2011
13. Hidden Love 1/19/2011
14. Sister 1/19/2011
15. Stay 1/20/2011
16. The Leaves Will Fall 3/11/2011
17. We The Victims 5/31/2011
18. Unsaid 5/31/2011
19. Broken 12/19/2010
20. The Shadow 9/6/2010
21. Little Dreamer 8/22/2010
22. Trapped By The Past 9/2/2010
23. What Hurts The Most 11/17/2010
24. Guide Me Through The Night 11/26/2010
Best Poem of Christine Lockehart

What Hurts The Most

It's not what is
It's what was

Collapsed memories lost among the ash
Heart in throat
Too many words unspoken,
Too many opportunities lost
Never to be retrieved

Nostalgic chills of heartache running through my veins
Long, insomniatic nights
Lying in pure darkness
As silent tears turn to quivering sobs

What's happened to me?
Robbed of my sanity
No longer can I think straight
When you engulf my every thought

Knowing that I once had your heart
And swore never to inflict any pain upon you
For I truly loved (love) you

But ...

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I Love You

Three of the most vigorous words
That cannot merely be descibed,
But expressed
Through art, music, nature
Even a simple smile will suffice
But whether or not to speak these words
From pure lips
Is beyond my comprehension
I dare not mutter

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