Christine Onwenu

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Biography of Christine Onwenu

One of my major hobbies is reading. I read novels as well as reference books [i.e. dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, almanac, encyclopedia, or any expository text], writing short stories, poems, memoirs, and monologues. I read all types of books no matter what content because I believe that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover and I am interested in all types of genres. As you can blatantly see, I am obviously a nerd and I LOVE to read. What I love about reading is that you can escape into a world of imagination; other times it's like you're carrying a portable cinema that you can you can take with you anywhere.

Another thing that I love to do is drawing and painting. I have 4 paintings and out of all of them, I love only 2. The rest are ok, but I could have done better. I have a plethora of art compositions done with pen, coloring pencils, and markers. These art projects were mostly for school and I got A's on most of them. In one composition I got a B, and I got a C in one last year (it was a collage and I threw that one away- I wasn't very happy with it. I wish I still had it. It really awesome but I think I was astonished by the C grade) .

Writing is one of my many passions, and as you can see, I write a lot. Writing is a gift that just comes naturally to me. I would love to say that I can write about almost anything, but I can't. It depends on the subject. For instance, say you give me an essay prompt about Antarctica and you give me 2 and a half hours until the end of class to write it, chances are I am going to have to research it first and brainstorm the components for my writing piece. Writing from the top of my head is a challenge for me because I don't read on a daily basis, unless it's summer vacation.There are thousands of thoughts running through my mind so it's an obstacle for me to write about something that I have no knowledge of and looking at it with fresh eyes.

My ambitions are to obtain a 4.0 or higher this fall and become valedictorian at my school, enter into writing contests and use the money I win for college, get admitted into an Ivy League school, and become a spine surgeon. I love the medical field and I love helping people so I cerebrate that becoming a surgeon is the best career path for me. Besides anesthesiologists, surgeons make the make the make the most money in this economy. With the money I make, if I have enough to sustain, I am going to engage in philanthropy. It pains me, deep in my core, to drive by people living in poverty. They are the most vulnerable people who are more likely than any other class to become victims of homicide or rape. So with that, I am going to pay it forward and hopefully raise enough money to get them off the streets and into an adequate dwelling. Updates

Remembrance Of My Death

Around, all around, the storm clouds gather.
My dread grows as doom's scythe falls against my heart.
It mutilates me, and darkly my
vitae drips
to the fallen despairing leaves.
In a haze of shock I beg forgiveness
while nothingness surrounds me.
Now alone, my cascade of tears falls upon darkened eyes.

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